About Us

What is DigiTruck?

How DigiTruck works?

1.	Instead of having a huge number of transport vehicles in our country, our shippers often face trouble in getting vehicles at the right time and at the right place because of a lack of proper connection or communication. Vehicle owners too suffer from a shortage of trips very often because of a lack of proper communication though a large number of shippers keep on looking for suitable vehicles. DigiTruck connects thousands of these kind of Shippers, Owners and Drivers among themselves to eradicate this problem.
2.	The owners of vehicles and the shipper of goods often worry about the safety of their vehicles and their goods. DigiTruck aims at eradicating this problem by providing real-time information sharing, tracking, visibility and communication.
3.	DigiTruck ensures fast payment to the Owners as well as offering reasonable fare to the Shippers.
4.	DigiTruck intends to provide many other technological supports which include but are not limited to Video Monitoring and Recording system, Fuel Monitoring system, Load Balancer, Driving Analyzer and Event Data Recorder upon added payment.
5.	DigiTruck is working and will keep on working with a view to facilitating all the people connected either in a direct way or in an indirect way with trucking and transportation of goods in every way possible.

Why or for what benefits should you use DigiTruck?

1.	The Shippers can very easily demand transport vehicles whenever and wherever they want which reduces their extra burden of looking for vehicles manually or buying and maintaining transport vehicles themselves allowing them to fully concentrate on their core business.
2.	The Owners of transport vehicles can increase the number of trips and can get instant return trips with the help of the vast network of Shippers connected to this platform which in turn increase their income and help them expand their business very fast.
3.	Using DigiTruck will help both the Shippers and the Owners to get all the necessary data to claim insurance of Goods and Vehicles in case of any kind of unexpected event.
4.	You can track the location the transport vehicle and thus can ensure that the driver is fully compliant and the goods are safe.
5.	DigiTruck will provide a fixed and reasonable pricing model to the Shippers and it will ensure that the Owners are paid as fast as possible after completion of each and every trip.
6.	With a view to adding the highest possible transparency and efficiency to the process of Shipment, DigiTruck will provide a number of technological supports which include but are not limited to Video Monitoring and Recording System, Fuel Monitoring System, Driving Analyzer, Load Balancer and Event Data Recorder if the users agree to certain terms and conditions.
7.	DigiTruck offers you a number of verified Drivers and Owners who are fully dependable for transporting and delivering your goods with highest possible transparency.
8.	DigiTruck provides its service 24/7 across all 64 districts of the country and offers you a 24 ours call center for any kind of service that directly or indirectly relates to DigiTruck.

Our Vision

DigiTruck aims at making the lives of thousands of Shippers, Vehicle Owners and Drivers much more peaceful and progressive by automating the whole process of shipment as well as integrating many other modern technological supports. DigiTruck strongly intends to bring many more supportive features and technological advantages in the logistics industry in the coming days with a view to making the logistics industry and other related sectors much more efficient, transparent, progressive and automated depending on the requirements of its users.