Privacy Policy

DigiTruck Limited provides a number of services which include but are not limited to connecting the Shippers, Owners, drivers and real-time information sharing.
For the purpose of providing these services, DigiTruck needs to collect different kinds of informations from its users.
In this Privacy Policy, DigiTruck will describe a number of polices of DigiTruck regarding protection of privacy of informations shared with DigiTruck by the users while using the online or offline or any other service offered by DigiTruck, which include but are not limited to,

a)	Informations which DigiTruck collects
b)	Use of collected information by DigiTruck
c)	How and with whom DigiTruck shares those collected informations
d)	Ways and measures taken by DigiTruck to protect its users’ information
e)	Circumstances in which DigiTruck may decide to disclose information

You’re advised to read this Privacy Policy very carefully.


You understand and agree that by using the Service of DigiTruck Limited you acknowledge that you’ve read and accepted our Privacy Policy. You understand and agree that by using the service of DigiTruck Limited you agree to be legally bound by all the terms and conditions and policies and provisions mentioned in this Privacy Policy and the ‘Terms of Service Agreement (mentioned in this website)’.


Informations which we collect from our users include
•	Informations our users provide while opening his/her/its Account (for example: Name, Company Name, Phone Number, Email Address etc.)
•	Informations our users (Shippers and owners) provide while posting an order or bidding or accepting a bid (for example: Pick up point and destination of a shipment, amount of payment, date and time, description of the goods and the vehicle etc.)
•	Informations related to service ratings and reviews submitted or provided by our users
•	Payment informations provided by our users
•	Information related to the location of the vehicle used for transportation of goods of the Shipper gathered by means of real-time tracking or by any other way
•	Any other information provided by or collected from the users under any circumstance


Our use of your informations include

•	Improving our service offered to the users
•	Improving and personalizing your experience
•	Improving our technical abilities
•	Improving our Applications and Website
•	Improving our operational abilities
•	Processing payment
•	Connecting Shippers and Owners (Vehicle Owners)
•	Providing real-time informations to the users
•	Communicating directly with users through phone or email or by any other medium
•	Sending message and notifications related to our services and updates
•	Preventing and detecting fraudulent activities and payments
•	Any other purpose that was mentioned while collection


Because of the nature of our provided service, we will sometimes share some of your informations with some of our other users. For example:
a) We will share your name, contact number, precise or approximate location and details of your vehicle with the Shippers if you use our service as an Owner (Vehicle Owner);
b) We will share the name of your company, your address, your instructions, your contact information with some of our Owners if you use our service as a Shipper. We may sometimes share your feedback with some of our other users for the betterment of their provided service to you. We may sometimes disclose some of your informations to some other entities for advertisement or analytical purposes in such a way that the disclosed information in no way can reasonably be used to identify you or can be related to you. We may sometimes share some of your informations with some of our trusted third parties who assist us as long as they agree to be legally bound to handle these informations with complete confidentiality. PROTECTION OF INFORMATION: We follow and implement some of the best procedures and security measures to keep your information protected. We try in the best possible way to safeguard all of your informations. We do not either directly or indirectly transfer, sell, distribute or provide any of your informations which we are not supposed to share without your clear consent. We do not use your information without your approval in any possible way. DISCLOSURE: We may sometimes disclose your informations to the extent required under the following circumstances: • Being compelled by the applicable law; • Being obligated to do so by a court; • Being obligated by any of the law enforcement forces; • Being obligated by any of the Intelligence Agencies operating under the Government of the concerned state/country; • Being obligated by any of the Government Agencies; • For the national interest of the concerned state/country or for preventing any unlawful activity;   UNSOLICITED INFORMATION: You understand and agree that we are not legally bound to protect or safeguard any of your unsolicited informations. We are free to use, share, distribute, reproduce, sell and trade any of your unsolicited informations. MODIFICATIONS AND AMENDMENTS: DigiTruck reserves the right to make any kind of change or modification or amendment to this Privacy Policy whenever it desires. Those changes and modifications will be deemed to be effective from the time they were updated on this Website. You’re completely responsible to keep yourself updated and informed regarding all such changes and amendments. DigiTruck may sometimes decide to send you notifications in case of any such amendment but will not be legally bound to do so. HEADINGS: Headings are for reference purposes only and in no way define, limit, construe or describe the scope or extent of any such section.